Are You in Canada? 

Are you concerned about...​

​​- Going to ESL School bu not learning anything new? - Working at a restaurant and not speaking a word of English everyday?  

- Never have enough money because you can’t find the right job?

- Doing the same thing as you done back in your home country?

Then you need Interntrend!

Are you Coming to Canada?

Are you concerned about...

- Not speaking English with Canadians and Leaning Real, Live English?

- Not experiencing big, beautiful, natural Canada as intended?

- Not enriching yourself with Canada’s rich culture and customs?
- Not finding a job fast enough or making enough money?

​Then you need Interntrend!

What isInterntrend


Training, Placement and Support - All in One
Interntrend sets the trend for those that want effective English and job training, efficient job placement and uncompromising service and support.  Whether you are seeking the perfect Canadian Working Holiday experience to achieve your goal of English mastery and Canadian experience, or Corporate and Professional Internship experience to step ahead of the competition in your field, Interntrend is to help you to set New Trend in overseas experience.

Why you need us

Snow Wonderland of Northern Alberta and BC

Complete Package

It's Your Choice:

Working Holida Program

- Full Training - Working Holiday Package

- Online Training - Working Holiday Business

internship Program

- Full Training - Business Internship Package

- Online Training - Business Internship Package


Canada Working Holiday

& Internship Programs

Why You Should Interntrend!


Don’t Waste Money going to ESL schools to learn nothing new and will not help you to improve your practical English skills

Don’t Waste Time looking for internship or job opportunities yourself. Let us find you the safe and reputable companies that you can start work right away and earn money right away

Don’t Waste the Opportunity to make the best of your 12 months in Canada by living the typical “working holiday” life of working as a dishwasher.